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  • Do your therapy four consecutive days each week.
  • Understand and adhere strictly to the Mastery Cycle
  • Keep Word Meaning Review up to date.
  • Keep Long Term Recall up to date.
  • A quiet place to run the program
  • At all times, emphasize what the student has completed correctly. Do not mention errors to the student.
  • Never mark errors on the worksheets.
  • Please keep a record of bonus points earned. The student needs a short-term goal as a positive motivator and reinforcement. Therefore, your student needs to be rewarded for all the work and effort he/she puts into the LDHope program.
  • Remember, your student may review certain lessons. This is normal and part of the learning process, and we expect them to recycle.

Special note to all program monitors:
Please take a moment with you student or child before beginning the program to explain that s/he is working on his specific combination of tasks and sight-sound relationships.  The system was not developed based on grade level mastery.  Remember, both children and adults use this program.
Staying on task and doing all program elements as prescribed will provide the best possible results.    The program provides skill level practice and activities to increase sensory processing, memory and learning efficiency.  Repeating a lesson that was not mastered is strengthening processing skills.
Persistence and discipline will lead to great achievements

Before you begin your exercises please read this short note, I hope that you are having a great day and that you are ready to begin the computer program that will help you solve your learning problem.

First let me tell you that almost 100% of the adults and the boys and girls that we work with are very smart – very smart!  But sometimes something happens to cause a problem with the learning and memory network in the brain.  Once these networks are rebuilt the problems you have should disappear.

The LDHope program is designed to EXERCISE the brain – your computer will use very simple words to stimulate the brain.  We are not trying to teach words that we think you do not know YOU WILL BE EXERCISING — NOT LEARNING.  If you are an athlete you know the importance of exercise in order to reach your full potential.  Exercise is not always fun but it is indispensable in reaching your athletic goals.  Mental exercises are needed to reach academic success – so for 1 hour a day 4 days a week you need to EXERCISE your brain and in less than a year you will be much, much stronger.

Visit our website at to read some stories about boys and girls who have completed their program – I hope that their experience will help you persevere.
Next year we would like to add your success story to our website so “buckle up” get into gear and get started.