There are two mistakes many families make with their Struggling Students.

First, families try to solve learning problems using methods that have failed the educational establishment for decades.  The children quickly become frustrated and lose self confidence.

Secondly, families resort to expensive tutorial programs. At best, these methods only help children to pass tests. Actual learning seldom occurs. Soon, the family is forced to pay for another expensive block of tutorial sessions.

It seems hopeless. But, don’t despair, you’re about to discover the crucial success tools that
most LD families have completely overlooked.

Why are these tools overlooked?
The reasons are simple: families are told that learning disabilities are something with which a child is born. Many believe that learning disabilities cannot be corrected. At best, a child can only compensate.

But the truth is very different. Technology has made relatively easy to correct most learning problems. This incredible technology is available to us today.

I promise you that you will be encouraged and amazed.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that your child’s learning problems will be a thing of the past, in just a few short months.

I have been solving learning problems since 1989. Thousands of clients have used our
programs and we can literally count on one hand the number of students we have been unable to help.

Most clients have been brought to grade level functionality in less than 100 affordable, at-home sessions.

What is truly amazing is, our at-home therapy sessions are administered (by you) in the comfort of your home! We train you, assist and monitor your progress through the whole process. You are not alone! We help you every step of the way!

Ongoing email and phone contact, online monitoring, self managed programs, and open access to our highly trained staff, we walk with you through the whole process. We unconditionally commit ourselves to your success.

Please read through this website, and call or email us with any questions. Our staff will work with you and provide you with everything you need.

To your learning success,
Dr. Robert E. Salzman