There are many reasons why students struggle to learn. These might include medical issues and physical shortcomings to emotional problems and incidents after birth (head trauma, malnutrition and so on). The good news is that students who are struggling to learn can make use of options available in the current educational setting. Parents may choose to homeschool them or put kids in a special school. Another strategy is to enroll kids in therapy sessions.

‚ÄčOne of the promising interventions is music therapy. In this approach, students build a relationship with the music therapist. This type of therapy can help improve communication (verbal) skills, build self-esteem/confidence, enhance social integration & interaction and promote emotional development. Exposure to music also heightens auditory senses while engagement such as playing instruments strengthens verbal and mathematical skills according to studies. Researches also suggest that taste in music is correlated to how high or low a student scores on tests. Read this article to see how music preferences can affect SAT scores.