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The following are suggestions to help when difficulties are encountered with certain areas of the program. Remember, this program is unique in that it is individualized for each student. Be creative when difficulties arise.
Duplicate IT – For students with concentration difficulties have them touch the screen with their finger and follow the words as they appear on the screen.
Race IT – Cut a square in the center of a piece of heavy paper and have the student hold the paper up to the screen.
Match IT – First and second graders may be unable to complete this section. If more than three to four errors occur on several words, discontinue until you feel the student can handle the exercise.
Worksheet trouble – Highlight 8 definitions with the matching 8 words. This narrows the student’s choices down to 8 at a time instead of 16 all at once.
Computer trouble – Use the edit sheet to help them after the student has completed the worksheet.
WMR – Word Meaning Review. If problems occur with definition meanings try the following:
*Repeat LLSS (The first section of Sense IT) part of that particular lesson and redo the Choose IT worksheet.
*Create a picture Dictionary. Use index cards to write the word on one side and have the student draw a corresponding picture or cut our magazine pictures on the other side.
LTR – If students have difficulty saying a list within 7 seconds repeat Duplicate IT and Repeat IT of that particular lesson.
Points – If points are used as a positive motivator you can change a negative situation into a positive one.