What Educators, Parents, and Students Are Saying:

“As missionaries, we struggled to get any help for our son and felt quite frustrated and defeated. Getting the help from LDHope was such an encouragement. I saw our son make so much improvement in his schooling. He is enjoying his school, and I feel more confident and on track to help him improve. Thanks so much!” (Missionaries in Cambodia)

How to teach ADHD“Just a note to let you know that Christy is doing wonderful this school year. She is even enrolled in some college level classes and she is doing great. So far, she is making all A’s and B’s. She’s also taking a US Government class. The teacher is giving a lot of home work but she’s able to keep up. She had to memorize the first four paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence this week and has been impressed that she can remember it even after sleeping all night. She mentioned to me what a huge difference there is in her memory now compared to before she did the therapy program. One of her friends, who is also doing the LDHope therapy program, asked her if it really helped her. She told her friend that it had made a huge difference for her. Christy even asked me to forgive her for the way she gave me a hard time almost every day about doing the program. She said she was glad I didn’t give up. It is giving me great pleasure to see her doing so well. The effort I put into keeping her working at the program has all been worth it.

“How LDHope has helped me – LDHope has helped me a lot in many ways. At first I thought it was doing nothing but then one day I realized how much of a difference it makes in my life. It has helped with my spelling so I do better. I will break the word down into smaller words and that helps me A LOT. It has also helped me with my dyslexia. The letters in words aren’t as mixed up as before. I’m thankful for this program because it has helped me so much.” (Courtney, TN)

“I’m excited about the LDHope program and hope many people will choose it. It worked for us and didn’t run us into bankruptcy unlike the expense of some programs I checked out.” (Parent, MI 2006)

“My husband and I met two days ago to review and discuss in depth our daughter’s Learning Efficiency Evaluation results. We are stunned (and thrilled) by the amount of useful information in her Learning Efficiency Eval. Again, we very much look forward to working with LDHope as we welcome any meaningful support for our daughter in her academic and life pursuits.” (Parent, VA 2021)

“As a homeschool mom I have seen first hand the frustration my son felt when reading and spelling. I also understand that feeling of being unsure how to help him. I am so thankful to have found LD Hope and the LDHope program. I have seen a total transformation in my son. He has not only greatly improved in reading and spelling, but there is light in his eyes in the form of a renewed sense of confidence.” (Kelly, WY)

Thank you so much for carrying this program and for helping Christy brain change the way it was working . Her future looks a lot different than it once did.” (Parent, OH)

“After three years I can honestly say LDHope is the most effective, fastest working program for LD students I have ever seen…the results are permanent” (Principal, PA.)

“Jessica came into LDHope a very shy, quiet little girl who kept her head down. She has turned into an outgoing student with much better reading and comprehension skills” (P.J., Teacher, MS.)

“Every year we lost several students, from wonderful Christian families, because we had no way to help. This year no one left –kids have been helped–and we have a waiting list for our program. LDHope is great!” (School Administrator, PA.)

“Your program is so easy to administrate. We have been able to use our present staff without undo pressure–your support staff are so helpful…Jamie’s reading comprehension has improved 4 1/2 grade levels in five months–unbelievable!” (Special Ed Teacher, B.C.)

“My son couldn’t speak in more than one word answers before he started the program. Now he is able to respond in sentences and carries on a normal conversation with others.” (Parent, WV)

“I cannot believe the improvement in my son after only four months on the program. The other day he came home with a list of 100 French words that he had to know. I thought, ‘there is no way he can do this!’ but he surprised me by knowing almost every single word. His memory has improved so much! He is now doing better than his brother in a lot of areas in school; his brother is two years older and does not have a Learning Disability.” (Doctor, Quebec)

“Over the years I have seen students struggle. Seeing their frustration and the pain in their eyes was sometimes overwhelming. As a teacher, I would do all I could to help but usually to very little avail. I deeply regret that I had not heard of Essential Learning Institute before now. I keep thinking of all the students who have crossed my path who could have benefited from this program. (Teacher and Administrator, PA)

“My son is remembering a lot more. His handwriting is actually pretty now. Schoolwork is better. Over vacation, our family commented on a tremendous difference in speech. He is much more relaxed at home and doesn’t stutter as much.” (Parent, PA)

“She is noticing that her memory is improving. She can remember things she could not remember before. When she does Math, she doesn’t have the frustration, panic, and despair that she had before. She feels much better about herself.” (Parent, NH)

“We have seen a marked improvement. He’s more focused than I ever would have dreamed he could be.” (Parent, ID)

“My daughter is paying more attention to her handwriting. Her reading is more fluent and she’s learning to break words down to be able to pronounce them better.” (Parent, WA)

“Well, I am going to tell you how the LDHope program helped me. When I started Kindergarten, I had to struggle because of my reading and now I am a senior in High School, ready to start college for hair dressing. I just wish I had had the LDHope program when I was little because then I would not have had the struggle I had. I have been taking the LDHope program for 7 months and it has brought me up 3 reading grade levels. I am so glad that I was able to have this LDHope program because I won’t have to struggle reading anymore. It really helped me a lot and I hope this program will help other kids like it did me. Thank you for letting me share.” (Student, Kelly)

“I applied to a College of Business, but was rejected because my grade point wasn’t high enough. After spending approximately ten weeks on your program I was amazed. I could read materials and transfer it immediately into long term memory and my reading speed increased immensely. At test time, I became relaxed and confident about taking the test because I was able to recall from long term memory immediately the notes I had studied. I finished seven hours of summer school with a 3.5. I used to be embarrassed of my academic underachievement, but after I learned what the problem was and how easily it could be corrected, this is no longer so. I now share my story with anyone that I think might be able to benefit from this program. (Student, Brent)

“I just want to thank you and let you know how much the program is helping my son. For the first time in his life he is interested in learning, his self esteem has increased ten fold, and he has ambition that I have never seen in him before.” (Parent, Victoria)

“Wish we would have discovered the program earlier.” (Parent, Ruth)

“His self esteem improves daily and I see his desire to learn returning.” (Parent, Jennifer)

“I am really pleased with his schoolwork. I guess I can thank LDHope for that. Simply put, he seems to be thinking. I’ve been so concerned about his ability to learn. He is doing really well with Math and Spelling and his reading is improving. I know he has a long way to go to be age appropriate, but this is a wonderful start. He is learning! He is thinking! Thanks! (Parent, Lois)

“Amy is doing well with the harder words that are in level 2. Her reading is faster and smoother as well. It is wonderful that she sees the improvement in her reading.” (Parent, Laura)

“I have observed that Gabriel has become more motivated. He will do certain duties without having to be reminded many times. He will remember facts or events that I have forgotten. His math has improved. He is able to do simple calculations within his head, where he could not previously do. He understands and remembers concepts more rapidly. His verbal communication is clearer. He does not stutter or stammer as much. (Mrs. B, NJ)

“I really wanted to tell you the boys are improving greatly. Our one son, who couldn’t read before, is really starting to read. It’s kind of like the new life of a child; the new life he is experiencing in being able to read. Both boys are miracles.” (Laurene)

“I think LDHope accomplished all we wanted it to do and more!” (Gail)

“ Overall, the impact of the program is already extraordinary. Alexandra is now reading at a level consistent with her age, and her other abilities (math, reading comprehension, spelling) are also greatly improved. Last year, she would sit next to the stronger students in order to copy what they were doing. This year, she seeks out the weaker students in order to help them. Today, when she got home from school, she proudly announced that she was the first in the class to finish her assignments, and that she got everything right.” (JK)

“Angelique, 2 years after exiting the program, is still doing well. She loves to read since her reading level has improved several grade levels. Prior to the program, she couldn’t read, was very frightened about reading, and never would attempt to read in front of people. Now she reads extremely well and is very articulate. I cannot say enough good about your company.” (Tina)

“I am delighted with the results I see in my daughter. Her oral reading has been improved beyond my expectations.” (Cathy)

“I see improvement in my daughter already, certainly in confidence.” (Ellen)

“Mack, whose name has been changed for privacy, is a ninth grader who was expelled from high school last year. He was getting all F’s with lowest conduct marks. After 3 months of much prayer, encouragement and the learning success lab, Mack is catching sight of a reason to do well. His dream is to be a computer programmer and he will continue in that direction. His skills are improving. He said, ‘I can answer questions now. When my teacher gives me 20 questions, not only can I answer them, but I can answer them much quicker.’ His first progress report for this year was all B’s & C’s and 1’s in conduct. ‘This is the first time I’ve ever gotten a B in school,’ said Mack. The future is getting brighter for Mack. His mom and dad have sacrificed a lot this year to get this help for their son. Thank God for progress!” (PG)

“We have seen many good changes in our daughter. On her 19th birthday, she was allowed for the first time to take a bus by herself. She had a list of 9 instructions and she followed every step exactly. Last year that would have been impossible; she looked only once and only one way before going across the street. Now she is following a list of NINE instructions. We are very encouraged. This is the same girl who, at 14 years old, took a shower with her socks on because the morning was cold! Now she gets herself up when the alarm goes off, packs her lunch, gets herself an easy breakfast, and gets herself dressed to go on time!! What a blessing LDHope has been to this family. (Parents)

“We have reached a milestone! He can pick out most of the books of the New Testament and some of the Old Testament whenever I tell him to look up a verse. Last week he read a Dr. Seuss book for the first time. I guess it’s not great for a nine year old but for me, it’s the biggest blessing of this year! (Sandy)

“Gabe’s memory has really improved. He remembers to follow through on instructions, knows the answers in spelling games before anyone else, is a lot quicker in solving math problems, and figures more complicated addition and multiplication problems in his head.” (Parent)

Angie continues to benefit from the program. Thank you for all your hard work with LDHope – so many lives are changed as a result! (BLMC)